Getting Started

Welcome to Fast Feedback! 👋🏼

To get started adding feedback to your site, retrieve the site ID from the URL and place this iframe inside your site.

<iframe src="" />

Multiple Routes

If you want to add feedback to multiple routes in a single site, forward a unique slug for that route.

<iframe src="" />

This is perfect for adding comments to a blog or product reviews.

Automatic Resizing

When embedding your feedback iframe, you might want it to automatically resize the height to its contents. This can be achieved using iframe-resizer.

For example, if you are using React, you can add iframe-resizer-react and do something like this. This library is 5.8kB minified + gzipped with no dependencies.

<IframeResizer checkOrigin={false} title="Comments" src={``} style={{ width: '1px', minWidth: '100%' }} />


If you'd like to completely customize the look of your feedback, you can use our API. Simply make a GET request to /api/feedback/SITE_ID.

Here's an example using React and SWR.

import useSWR from 'swr' const fetcher = (...args) => fetch(...args).then(res => res.json()) function Feedback () { const API = ''; const { data, error } = useSWR(API, fetcher) if (error) return <div>Failed to load</div> if (!data) return <div>Loading...</div> return { => ( <p>{}</p> <p>{feedback.createdAt}</p> <p>{feedback.text}</p> ))} }